Happy New Year

Is there a better resolution to be made than to spend more of this New Year leaning more about what you can do in the garden. Lots of exciting courses, including evening courses, packed with information to give you the tools you need to succeed.  Come join the fun.

Evening courses

We are delighted to announce that beginning in January we will run four evening courses.  Our first, on Tuesday 15 January, will be our very popular course Pruning Techniques - all about Spring; this will be followed by The Edible Garden - Vegetables on 5 February; Lovely Lawns on 12 March and finally Summer Containers and Basket Gardening on 14 May.  The evening courses will be held at Webster University in Bellevue, Geneva from 18:30-22:00, all will be on Tuesday evenings.

For all those avid amateur gardeners who work full-time now there really is something for everyone.  We look forward to having you join us.

Pruning Techniques – all about Spring

A cold and snowy day filled with hands-on practical advice about preparing shrubs and trees for the next growing season. This sometimes complex topic was simplified with the help of Arborist Chris Mills and the best tools for the job courtesy of FELCO. Our thanks to FELCO for their highly informative participation. Students came carrying branches and photos from their gardens of shrubs, roses and trees that they most need advice pruning. With personalized hands-on learning from choosing the correct tool for the job to when to do the work, they can now tackle pruning by themselves at home - a great day!

Garden Design – From Plot to Perfection – Up & running

The Winter, when it is difficult to be out in the garden, is the perfect time to time to plan something new for next year.  Why not use this down time to join one of our Garden Design courses.  Our participants came armed with plans of new and existing projects and left with inspiration to advance their ideas.   Learning where to get started, identifying what they wanted from their space, how to plot the garden to scale, creating planting lists and bringing it all together.  So much to learn.


Perfect Pots & Clever Containers

Chilly weather did not deter our enthusiastic participants who got to grips with how to get the best from their containers no matter what the season.

Dull and dreary Winter days are soon forgotten when little pansies flower; hidden beneath the soil are bulbs of muscari to add to the display come Spring.  Layering bulbs in pots and containers and topping them off with perennials also allows for interest on the terrace when the weather turns cold.  There are many possibilites when you want your pots and containers to hold more permanent displays perhaps filled with shrubs - bringing attention to the front door for example.  Also especially during the Winter placement is key, where will you get the most pleasure from these garden accessories, place them where you will see them most and enjoy.


Gift Certificates

It's that time of year already with the early morning frosts and the nights closing in.

Time to think about what to get for the gardener in your life. Why not treat them to a gift certificate for a one-day course at the Swiss Gardening School.  With 17 one-day courses to choose from, there is something for everyone. The first one-day course of 2013 is on Thursday 10 January.

For details and bookings go to our courses above.

Expat Expo Geneva

A very successful day spent meeting and greeting prospective new horticultural students at one of the many Expat Expo exhibitions organized throughout Switzerland, we were in Geneva at La Praille.

British Swiss Business Awards

We are delighted to have been nominated for the British Swiss Business Awards 2012 in the category Most Promising New Business.  The Business Awards celebrate outstanding achievement in the British-Swiss Business community.  Winners will be announced in early November at a gala event in Geneva.

The first in a series of The Edible Garden

The first in a series of The Edible Garden was held on Thursday 20 September.  Students went home with a wonderful selection of seedlings to start their autumn vegetable gardens. Getting to grips with splitting and planting up seedlings as well as planning their crops for next year.

The Edible Garden series continues with Herbs & Flowers and Fruit in 2013.


A first class first class

On Tuesday 11 September we began a new adventure and ran the very first class of the Swiss Gardening School.  In magnificent surroundings, warm sunshine and encouraged by friendly faces Winter Colour and Spring Blooms was a resounding success.  Thank you.