Summer is early

With baking hot temperatures and clear blue skies we've been enjoying an early start to summer. Early morning or evening watering is a good idea,  avoid daytime watering and remember to water only the soil and not the leaves.  Enjoy the sunshine.

What a wonderful spring

The sky is blue, the sun is shining and the blossoms are out in all their glory - such a tremendous start to the year. We are excited to start our courses and garden tours and hope to have some of you join us this year.

A chilly start

Well winter is certainly upon us; heavy snow, high winds and freezing temperatures remind us that the best place to be is inside. Curl up with a good gardening book or seed catalogue and start to make a list of all the wonderful things you'd like to do this year in your garden.

Christmas is coming

Holidays and snowy days are fast approaching so we will hibernate for the winter season. We'll be busy planning new courses and new garden visits for 2017 during this season and will be back in the spring ready to begin a new year in the garden.

Back to school

We are looking forward to a busy autumn with new garden plans, winter vegetable sowing and perhaps some new structural ideas for the garden. What are you looking forward to?

Summer fun

We hope you are busy in your garden this summer but also taking the time to enjoy the fruits of your hard work. New courses for the Autumn will be posted on the website at the end of August, in the meantime keep up with the weeding and enjoy!