The Edible Garden – Vegetables

This two-hour workshop will bring to life a variety of fresh vegetables for your kitchen. It will include a wide range of practical techniques including identifying the most productive vegetables for this area, seed sowing, successional sowing, weed, pest and disease identification and control techniques. What would you like to grow in your vegetable plot this year?

Student will gain hands-on experience of planting seeds into seed trays, learning the best methods of thinning and transplant seedlings, and discovering the advantages of buying plant plugs. Students will take home pots filled with newly planted vegetables to be transplanted into their own vegetable gardens when the time comes.

With a fantastic array of summer aromatics, tomatoes and vegetables, we look forward to returning to R. Jaggi in Trélex for this workshop. Students will be surrounded by a vast selection of choice and will create their own summer container to take home.

As on all our courses a little background preparation is essential. Students will be requested to bring A4 size printed photographs of their existing gardens and areas of concern to facilitate a more personal experience.

This workshop will be held in a covered and sheltered outdoor space, as it will take place regardless of the weather conditions we strongly recommend weather appropriate clothing.

Refreshments will be provided.

R. Jaggi have kindly offered a 10% reduction on any additional plants purchased by participants on the day of the course.

Date - 13 Jun, 2017
10:00 - 12:00


R. Jaggi Garden Centre

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